Canvas paintings

Canvas paintings

Paintings on canvas, original and unique contemporary paintings.

Choose with confidence a painting on canvas, a beautiful abstract painting design, or a pretty modern figurative painting on our art gallery. You are guaranteed to acquire a "painting of painter", a unique contemporary painting for the wall decoration of your home or office. Each painting on canvas is made on a quality canvas of cotton or linen, acrylic paint, or oil painting. The canvas is stretched on a wooden chassis with keys, which allows if necessary to tighten the canvas. All paintings on canvas are single paintings signed and countersigned at the back of the canvas. Each painting on canvas is sent together with a certificate of authenticity and an invoice, directly from the workshop of the contemporary painter Ellhëa, as soon as possible, in an overprotected package.
Exhibiting a painting on canvas, original and unique in a contemporary interior is very chic and trendy. To personalize your interior with a contemporary painting, a trendy painting on canvas, an abstract or figurative painting, it is the assurance of creating a pleasant atmosphere in its contemporary interior, very in harmony with oneself. Discover our selection of contemporary paintings, our hand-painted and totally unique paintings.
Listen to your favorites! And lovefully create your living space by incorporating "paintings on canvas", abstract paintings, modern paintings, modern paintings, paintings or figurative paintings, to make it warm and friendly.
. Guaranteed unique works
. Artist-painter listed Drouot, and awarded internationally
. Guarantee satisfied or refunded see our section conditions and return
. All paintings are delivered with invoice and certificate of authenticity
. Secure payment SSL - PAYPAL or BLUEPAID
. Delivery by post with tracking - overprotected packages

The Snowy Alley - oil on canvas 27 x 19 cm

150.00 €
[ 184.19 US dollar ]

Venice Carnival - Canvas Masked Seduction

880.00 €
[ 1080.60 US dollar ]

Old Olive Tree - modern art canvas

297.00 €
[ 364.70 US dollar ]

Brooklyn abstract triptych design

350.00 €
[ 429.79 US dollar ]

Silver moons unique abstract painting

197.00 €
[ 241.91 US dollar ]

Red tulips - flowery landscape picture

97.00 €
[ 119.11 US dollar ]

Vibrations - modern abstract canvas

250.00 €
[ 306.99 US dollar ]

Parallel Worlds

97.00 €
[ 119.11 US dollar ]

City abstract canvas - 30 cm x 30 cm

250.00 €
[ 306.99 US dollar ]

Zen Painting Growth 55 x 38 cm

400.00 €
[ 491.18 US dollar ]

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